How to do marketing with instagram

How to get your Instagram followers from 0
to 1000 in 50-55 days?
If you are starting from 0 followers, that means you have lots of time on your hand.

Following are the steps.
(1) First, find your competitors Instagram accounts and go to their follower’s list. I will give you two strategies; you can pick any one of them or a mix of both.
(2) 75 strategy.
Instagram allows you to follow 75 people per hour. In daily 4 hours of work, you can follow 300 people. The ratio is 10% people will follow you back. That means every day, 30 people will follow you back in return. I give you one day off, so in 35 days, you should reach 1000 followers. Remember, these people already have an interest in your industry.
(3) 3.2.1 strategy.
Again find your competitors accounts. Go to their followers who are already interested in your industry.
Pick a profile. Like their three pictures, comment on two images, and 1 follow to that profile. Now, this strategy has more ROI and more time-consuming. So let’s say if it takes 4 minutes to do on one account. In 240 minutes, you should be able to crack 60 reports in 1 day. With an ROI of 30%, you can expect 18 new followers. With this strategy, you can expect to reach 1000 followers in under two months.
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