The salesman is not dead.

When the last time someone knocked on your door to sell something? If you lived in North America and over 40 years old, you might have seen Fuller Brush Company. If you lived in India in the 90s, you might have seen a vacuum cleaner salesman at your doorstep. Some of you may have seen a sales rep selling encyclopedias at the doorstep in the UK. Everyone is selling something. In the UK, 1 in every 10th person’s job title is related to sales. That doesn’t count people selling on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, websites or any other marketplace. Whether you are selling homemade food, pickle, jewellery, or you are into the service of construction, consulting, cleaning, moving or any other business, people need to know more about you. And how people can learn more about you? Well, there are few things your potential customer needs to know before they open their purse for you. 

They need to know a little more about your qualification and why do you fit for their business? The customer also likes to see your previous work projects. If some images of your last construction or catering, you get some extra points compared to other businesses. Suppose you can get a few video testimonials about your services and run that on your social media; that goes a long way. In the end, you need your leads to generate actual sells. All these can be achieved with a simple website. Once the prospective is on your website, you can show off your recent work, data, testimonials and other important industry information. Use your website to educate your customers instead of sells pitch. Let the customer know on the website about different styles of it if you are a roofer. Also, inform customers which roof is better and the benefit of going with the expensive top? Which material saves energy, and which one is low maintenance? How much is the material cost, or how much will be the labour for each square meter? If someone is looking for a roof, I am sure they would like to know more about it. Your website can become a salesman. Your website can be your 24 hours sales representative. Your website can become your most crucial lead generator and a sales machine. If you just have a four-page website with no information for the customer, then think about a sales person holding the product in her hand without saying a word about it. Salse person needs to explain the product in 30 seconds before the homeowner shuts the door. If you have travelled to Mumbai and visited fashion street, sometimes, the vendor has less time than this salesman. That fashion street vendor has less than 7 seconds until he can convince the pedestrian to stop and look at his collection. You also have those 10 seconds for your customers to attract to look more into your website. The customer goes on to the internet to learn more about the product. Remember when you purchased the car last time, you wanted to know more about the car and not about the dealer. You landed on the website, whoever gave you more information about the vehicle and not the one who gave the best sales pitch.

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What other products you have seen sales rep selling at your doorstep, write in the comment below.