15 Questions to ask your web-developer. (My answers)

1. Who is going to work on my website?

Make sure who is making your website? Is that person outsourcing or he/she is going to make a website on her own? It is a very critical question because if your developer is outsourcing it to 3rd party, your developer may not have answers to essential issues. With Harrow web, I make all websites with screen sharing in-front of the client. Very occasionally I outsource only those work which requires copy and paste of content.

2. Who is going to host the website?

Does your developer have his/her shared server or they are storing to their friend’s server? You want the website to be hosted on your local developer’s server.

3. Will you use a template or from scratch?

Remember 20-30 years ago; we/parents used to buy a piece of cloth and go to a tailor to make your shirt/dress? Well, like the fashion industry, the website industry has developed too. There are top class industry standard themes available in the market. Make sure you see the demo of the theme before you decide the website.

4. What is the theme of the website? (for you to understand)

The theme is like a skeleton of the website, like the menu bar, logo position. Rest of the site is like cloths of the body. Once you decide the theme, cloths can be changed and edited very easily.

5. Who writes the content of the website?

It will be up to you to supply content and pictures of the website. Otherwise, you need to find a copywriter, or you can browse a few websites of your industry and come up with the idea what you should write on your website?

6. Will you provide an email address which matches the domain?

Yes and No. My server does allow free emails. But if you are going to use that email to communicate, then I suggest buying office365 email service. Some people need a functional email to show on their website; in that case, free email is excellent. Nowadays, you don’t need an email address to display on the site. We put a contact us form with submit button. If you place your email address on the website, people are sending a lot of spam emails.

7. How long will it take to complete the website?

I deliver websites in about one week time, considering I was provided with all content and pictures.

8. Where can I get free images?

pixabay.com and pelels.com are free resources for free images.

9. Do you offer on-going maintenance once the site has been launched?

I provide one-year free maintenance once a month. After that 30GBP/hour. We decide hours before I start working on it.

10. How will I measure how well my website is performing?

I use UX (user experience survey). Once the website is finished, I give you a survey link, which you can send to your old/new clients or friends to fill out the survey questions. We ask them how easy was it to use the website? Is they had any difficulty/confusion while using the website, I ask for feedback

11. Will my website have a blog?

You are reading on my blog page currently so I can sure do that for you.

12. Can you show your recent work?

Pound Veg ( Harrow/Stanmore based online vegetables with over 100 products)

Manish Gohel ( Life coach)

Manisha Morgan ( Nutritionist)

PPE website

Pharmacy website ( One page)

Liverpool fans (E-commerce)

13. What about charges?

It depends on the size and the different features you need on the website. Usually, it starts at £500.

14. Will it be WordPress or vix?

I make all my websites on the WordPress platform.

15. What else is included?

Free SSL certificate, payment gateway, speed software, backups, mobile / tab friendly, google analytics.

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