How to make a multivendor website ?

Is there a way that multiple vendors can join a platform to make one website?

Where people from Mumbai go to buy clothes? Fashion street. Where people from New York go to buy branded clothes? New York, 5th avenue. What about Ahmedabad- Law Garden is the place where you get all Navratri clothes.
Every city in the world has its own defined market. Those places become so famous that it drives huge customers to the market place. Even though there are over a hundred stores in all the above stores, it helps vendors and customers get different variety instead of just a single shop.
I want to create the same online platform for vendors of the UK where they can upload their merchandise and sell it. And for the same reason, I am looking for responsible vendors who have inventory ready to deliver.
As new vendors, there will be no commission fees for three months for the first ten vendors. Please give me your thoughts and ideas—no commission on Rakhis for this year.

We have experience in making multivendor website. This website will be one platform for all micro vendors to sell their clothes, chaniya cholis, wedding dresses, kids clothes, jewellery and accessories and of course, men clothes or anything of your industry. It will make a pleasant experience for vendors and customers.