how to buy domain and server for wordpress website?


The government does not monitor the web industry, so there are no proper laws and regulations except GDPR. As an excellent ethical practice, the owner of the website should own the website and the domain.

But unfortunately, here is the message of my what’s app group where we discuss websites; the following image was posted. 

Mr R made the website about a year ago, and after the one-year web company asked for another £210, we all know this is 500% overpriced. 

Now the previous developer is not giving me login access and not allowing Mr R to transfer his domain. Now Mr R has minimal choices; either he can continue paying to these cons or make a new website.

Lesson: Always make your websites with reputed people, ask other developers or me in the group. Suppose you want to join my app group where we talk exclusively about WordPress website. Please right yes in the comment and send you my group link. 

Also, always purchase your domain from GoDaddy or another reputed company on your own and then give your developer login details. Always make sure that you own the copyrights of the website, and you get that in writing. 

We provide one-year hosting and maintenance with SEO in our one price with all written contracts. Our websites may not be the best in the town, we may not be the cheapest in the city, but our customer service is unbeatable in the industry, and that’s why my business runs on referrals from past clients. If you have any terrible experience, please write in the comment with the lesson you learned. Thank you all for joining web school; the class is dismissed!