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Najla’s unique CONNEQT training focuses on building awareness and increasing skills to cultivate connections. The training seeks out the shared space between people and promotes change in the way we think and interact.

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ConnEQt  Programme

From “ME and YOU” to “WE & US”
The Art of Diversity in Action
The Conneqt programme facilitates safe exploration of diversity within groups, teams and organisations. It engages people in the development of global citizen skills for the 21st Century. It enables participants to:
It uses reflection to work inclusively and understand others. It contributes to the development of professional relationships based on appreciating diversity and facilitating inclusion. It encourages people to work collaboratively and seek out shared spaces of connection. It takes participants through the journey from You and Me to We and Us.
The Conneqt programme can be flexibly delivered, according to needs. It can be a half-day introductory workshop; one-day course; weekly programme run over a month; or monthly programme run over a year.

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What They Say

I describe Najla as ma di tau, the ‘mother of lions’. She represents peace, she represents hope, she represents unity. Najla also represents the intellectual ability to manage change in any situation and her kindness is unlimited. Najla is a powerful educator and her lessoNs help to realign purpose and direction as well as focus on the necessity to be fully engaged and connected with diverse workers in the workplace. Najla is an asset to the corporate world as she can transform individuals to high performing teams leading to increased productivity.

    Carl Ruhinda
    Carl Ruhinda

    Project Manager

    As a business owner who deals with many international clients daily, I found her advice and insights to be invaluable and have begun implementing them immediately. Her delivery is a starting point for staff members and managers in any organisation looking to improve their approach to equal opportunities in the workplace and a resounding wake-up call for individuals who have issues to sort out in this regards.

      Richard Burian
      Richard Burian


      Today I’ve had a whole new experience: a cultural one, a religious one and one about myself. The journey has been to find out what I was so fearful of and the fear that came over me was one of the Islamic faith. Today I’ve been introduced by Najla to what life is really about from an Islamic from of view. It has opened my eyes to what the real thing is about, rather than the misconstrued ideas that come from the media and the world at large. The lessons that I’ve got today is that there’s empowerment from women of all cultures, walks of life and faiths. The growth from that is phenomenal; so embrace what you have, embrace each other and know that there’s nothing to fear.

        Marie Partier
        Marie Partier

        Business Owner

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