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Najla is passionate about heart-connection and the expansion of emotional quotient (EQ) as the most significant strategy to shatter the barriers of difference. Drawing on her own lived-experience, her work with teams and organisations, Najla shares a message of inspiration and uses persuasive education to cultivate connections.


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From “ME and YOU” to “WE & US”
The Art of Diversity in Action
The Conneqt programme facilitates safe exploration of diversity within groups, teams and organisations. It engages people in the development of global citizen skills for the 21st Century. It enables participants to:
It uses reflection to work inclusively and understand others. It contributes to the development of professional relationships based on appreciating diversity and facilitating inclusion. It encourages people to work collaboratively and seek out shared spaces of connection. It takes participants through the journey from You and Me to We and Us.
The Conneqt programme can be flexibly delivered, according to needs. It can be a half-day introductory workshop; one-day course; weekly programme run over a month; or monthly programme run over a year.

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I have heard Najla discuss topics of Diversity and Inclusiveness and I highly endorse Najla’s ability to make a positive difference. Najla has a fantastic balance with understanding and bridging the gaps and misunderstandings that occur between cultures. As a highly skilled educator she helps people realise that there are opportunities to be shared in being authentic, more inclusive and finding out about the magic and attributes that others have to offer

    Paul Partier
    Paul Partier

    Business Consultant

    When Najla smiles, she lights up the room! She is an inspiring and engaging key note speaker. Her passion for fostering a culture of work place inclusion is simply inspiring. Her customer-centric approach results in meaningful stakeholder engagement at all levels. Najla has an incredible ability to take what some perceive as complex issues and break them down into manageable solutions. I highly recommend engaging Najla for adviCe on any strategic communication strategy.

      Andrea O'Halloran MBA CAHRI
      Andrea O'Halloran MBA CAHRI


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